White Anti-Racist Work

Raising up the voice of the BlackLivesMatter movement

To say I have been radically changed in the last several years is an understatement. Some of what changed was my privilege and because I made a choice to come out, I could feel those changes in revealing ways. I felt guilt with each decision to let go and had to work through the eye opening realities that were unexpectedly exposed in me. My racism, sexism, and internal homophobia had to be dissected and rooted out for me to move forward past the status quo of my former life, and deconstructing those internal ISMs has become my ongoing work.

This reality has brought me to anti-racist work in myself and in my community. As a white woman, I have committed myself to raise up the voices around me of people of color, and to work with other white people to unlearn and deconstruct the racist world we have been born into and the privilege we unwittingly gain from. I believe white silence is violence, and only by speaking out will we begin to change the world to be a more equal and just place. There is much work to do... If you are interested in a conversation around white privilege, racial justice, or if you would like to join some anti-racist meet ups here in Houston, contact me. We meet regularly to do this work. If you are not in Houston, I can also put you in touch with other white anti-racist groups throughout the country.