Kathy McDougall is available for the following services, contact me for pricing and to discuss any ideas you have:   

  • Community Facilitation, speaking, poetry reading, plus interactive art to engage an audience. I create topics for groups on everything from spiritual recovery, white anti-racism, intersectionality, lgbtq inclusion, queer spirituality, etc. 
  • 'Oscillating Story' Children's Workshops- including art, story, anti-racism, & justice education for children 5 and up. 
  • Art Installation and Community Curated Art Pieces for events, conventions, intimate gatherings, weddings, baby blessing, spiritual milestones like trans naming rituals, etc.
  • Community Poetry- where a group of people write a poem together. This can also be done as a couple or as a small group blessing for a shower or wedding. 
  • Design services- my specialties are community or children's space design. I am adept at creating playful and useable space. No design job is too small. I love helping people who might otherwise not hire a designer. 
  • Art Commissions & prints of any work you see here on my site.
  • Intersectional consulting. For churches or organizations who are working towards social justice in their communities. I provide a white anti-racist, lgbtq affirming, femme, perspective; that can help open up an organization who is wanting to take steps towards justice and inclusion. 


 I know that my writing and my work stirs up a lot of emotions. People contact me often to come out to me, to tell me about spiritual abuse they have survived, to tell me that they are a survivor, or to ask a simple question about deconstructing their faith. I am open to being contacted and it helps me know that my work has some impact. Feel free to reach out. Especially if you are feeling alone. 



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