I am not, but I am

Everything I know, I owe somebody for. Someone I read, someone I listened to, someone I saw, someone I cared for or who cared for me.

My goal is to stay in a stance of learning, forever. To never leave that stance. To sustain that stance.

My work is found somewhere between sustenance and discomfort.

I am not going to stop. I am not going to be quiet. I am not going to give up. I have come too far to turn back.

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Kathy McDougallComment
Social Stigma

Social Stigma keeps us disconnected from each other. 

It tricks us by making us feel as if it is keeping us 'safe' (from the 'boogie man' or the 'other'). 

In reality it is keeping us apart and it is keeping the vulnerable among us at risk. 

Social Stigma is so fervent, and so much apart of our social connections & our built in wiring that if we are not ruthless in rooting it out from ourselves, in our communities & friend groups... it will always be around. The spiritual crisis of social stigma is how it turns on us and turns us on others in the truest moments of vulnerability and loss. It will cause oppressive harm to those misplaced & marginalized. To not mince words, social stigma is violence. 

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Green Grass A Plenty

Unless we take the time to ‘watch carefully’, to do the admittedly uncomfortable work of understanding our own privilege; a word which the poet Andre Gibson defines by saying “Privilege means never having to think about it”, we actually end up mudding the green pastures for everyone, including ourselves. Our own privileged perspective can skew the true gift the Shepherd is offering to all of us. After all, if we believe we deserve to be more nourished and cared for because we have better character, better values, we are negating the very thing that the Good Shepherd did for us in the first place to bring us into the fold. 

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