Parables (1/09/09)

The kids are entering a new block on parables and while looking up some for a new yoga based movement we are doing. I read this (Mathew 13:44 &45)


The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure that is hidden in a field. A crafty man found the treasure buried there and buried it again so no one would know where it was. Thrilled, he went off and sold everything he had, and then he came back and bought the field with the hidden treasure part of the bargain.


Or the kingdom of heaven is like a jeweler on the look out for the finest pearls. When he found a pearl more beautiful & valuable than any jewel he had ever seen, the jeweler sold all he had and bought that pearl, his pearl of great price.

The parables amaze me. I love teaching them to children, who are really the ones teaching us how to see. When I read these I see the nature of God, that he asks us to give it all but gives us something precious and all consuming and forever valuable at the same time. He asks all of us, then overwhelms us with his giving. If only we could see (as we are asked to give up) the beauty he has for us... maybe giving all would feel like the lesser cost.


I definitely feel this paradigm in my life right now. I am almost perplexed by the fact that I was asked to give up something (house, comfort, ownership, security) and now feel like not only did I not loose anything I am overwhelmed with how little it actually cost. It really is everything I "lost" was an illusion, and God's reality has now had a chance to take root.


Then, the mustard seed & the yeast, the idea that a something small, like a small amount of yeast / a small seed grows and expands. It is something I have experienced about the nature of God, it is one of my favorite things about Kingdom.... the well of love, and beauty that comes from such small effort. It is the acts of love that go unnoticed but then suddenly are all around us. It is the way that caring for a room can suddenly bring everyone who enters love. Or the way your small effort suddenly becomes a catalyst for others and radiates out.