Kingdom Come (on earth as it is in heaven)

I've been working on a new series illustrating the Lord's Prayer. As I worked on these images, meditating & thinking about my daily interactions & some big picture decisions, I felt God asking me two things (as Jesus asked His disciples up on the mountain):

Sit with HIM/HER & wait, just a little longer. 
Stay awake. Be present. 

So simple, and difficult. Stay awake & be present in my feelings & emotions, feel both hurt & the fullness of love, accept each moment for what it is & do not disassociate to cope or numb out.  This is no small task, most of us do not stay awake or show up fully to each moment. Most of us walk in our lives very much asleep to ourselves & because we can not go there within ourselves, we are also asleep to those around us. This posture I have been cultivating has infiltrated the milliseconds of my life & at the same time flipped big picture decisions and made them & my life more full & whole. I feel like I have barely woken up, this is just a taste of what the fullness of Kingdom here & now means! 

This is Kingdom stuff!