a heart no longer segregated

perfectly cultivated 


in it, tapered feelings persist 

keeping them under control

got me nowhere


these feelings syndicate my chest in systems

elaborate networks 

changing my breath in the breathing

compelling growth

maturing dense internal access


It was simple, at first 

less touch more want

caring in gentle moments 

waiting and learning in the days

between decision


energy, once protected

mostly inactive 

rapidly duplicates

light ready

this spark, named attraction



slowing down

the words resting

already forming 

water molecules collecting 

into cup lined with my truth


I carved out an arched space there

letting myself feel in the hollow

then you came to rest

in that vacancy 


in healthy soot 


love used the left over rot 

for it's thickening of walls

in this moment where learning and love 


pushing into formed line

with safety  


I find in you  

the precious overgrowth

of a heart no longer segregated 

what once was fearfully managed

your love pushes into