I'll tell you, but it will make you uncomfortable

Hiding out

In sub-culture Christianity

Shaking in our ballet flats

Believing that community comes from living with people who share the same playlist


Community is helping an 82 year old bathe

While still letting him maintain dignity

Wiping out the bath tub after he leaves

Shaking off the sheets of a bed filled with crumbs, not from you

Small children crowding you

When you want nothing but space, set aside


It's not sanitary, it is painful

Community is painful

It aches in a way that makes you want it to stop

It makes you uncomfortable to think about

It asks you to "go there" when all you want to do is leave and not look it in the eyes


It unravels you

Spinning like the bobbin of an industrial seamstress at work

And then, it stitches it all back together


And it builds

Sculpting, using that same thread, it violently wraps form

It leaves you in it's wake, reminding you that you are dust

The beauty it collects from you is flawless in it's dirty shame


If you really want to know

If you really need me to tell you

I will tell you

But it will make you uncomfortable

It is risky

It will ask you to take it off

It will ask you to give it all and not leave anything

Not a stitch

Then spin it all into that pearl we seek

Handing it to you in cupped hands, a gift