a different kind of love poem (working title)

Sticky notes call up
"allow Father to remind you of your 
"holy encounter...as my equal 
where we are both love"

Unquestionably foolish
I'm not sure what's flesh
But if I can remember 
Just the taste
Then I will recognize it when it is here

In bedrooms 
Like The Wild Things
That bedroom was real 
And the kids & I 
Alone, could be small 
Creating beauty in moments

How to build that beauty up
While also dying to it
I don't know, save the taste
Like bread dipped in wine
I will recognize it once it comes

Shaping form
Like the day we bought the couch
"as equal" 
Green vinyl Herman Miller in love
It was solid

I am either so close 
Or a good ways away 
I don't know  
But I do remember the taste of being there
The room bathed in Christ's blood
Fear cancelled  
I'll surely call it here
When I taste it again

On it, the build, that part
All wrong
In exhaustion I am smaller 
Burned up
And He is all that is left
Centered nail
Right through


This poem was used in the art installation Cruciformity Stations On Skin by Scott Erickson