bringing home hearts work

bringing home.jpg

running these shifty words 
in my head
over, over

I ease out feelings  
using lungs, rising
to soothe
belly constricted

You use the same card 
I threw 
the card I am trying to forcefully out 
as I breathe
I let the feelings that scare me 

St Augustine mumbles something to me 
and I write a simple prayer 
taking in my own fraternal dark
giving way for care of that place
drawn moves presenting
open, close

you infer yourself
show me my fellow
I call you 'sex kitten' 
aquainting a region of heart's work 
with itself 

oh this good girl bullshit 
all the things I could say with a look
and still pretend 
'who me?'

the close-fitting persona  
crafted to look thoughtless 
all while each detail is contained  
in it's show

slightly disheveled 
a blueprint saying I'm 'Okay' 
with cursive letters 
written in leaking ink 
'I'm not, 
please see'

attend to that heart region 
let it dilate 
breaking character
dissecting peace
'peace I give you 
peace be with you'
I bring it home
granting clemency