The space the unknown creates

I am untidy
with travelers clothes
everyday a day trip
to the surface 
to be visible
chaos has joined me in underwater grotto
love follows quickly behind 
it thrives in subterrane 
(the space chaos creates)

as water ascends like spirit
matter floats out of place 
desks, chairs, floorboards
a reminder of the trouble I cause 
just from existing inside

bubbles take their stand
each with a tiny red flag
marked with a quick note 
in micron pen 
some of them have sketches
with detailed instructions

I try to force them into 
pie chart ink 
they read:
just before they wash away

As this building falls 
the rubble hovering 
into apartment landings 
stairwells leading into unspoiled halls 
the stories attach to new bricks like barnacles 

We walk up to the door 
Opening it to strangers 
Telling stories
I integrate 
I bloom 

In willful ambiguity
(the space He creates)
The mystery unfolds