he held my hand so tightly today

mind out of focus
lost in words 
sometimes syllables are even lost
yet when I look in his eyes 
we connect

he is soaking up love
you see his deepest need
it is exposed
what a beautiful side to see

he held my hand so tightly today
as if to say
"I am not going anywhere"
"please don't leave"

I believe children arrive connected to God
today I saw him 
connect that same way
like they were resting in each others arms
'I saw him come so close to God
I saw God come so close to him'

I have seen this before 
so I watched for it 
and when he was close
I listened to every rambling word

a bit of heaven 
resting in each word
like the dna of each word was a puffy cloud
I am paying attention 

it is the purest love 
between father and daughter

I am feeling it all
wide open 
here I am dad
thank you for letting me be affectionate with you today 
I know it calms you 
helps you rest 

I love you
I am learning to let you go