If a heart can break from

If a heart can break 
from being kept 'as if'
I have burst my heart
told it to hide 
because it was not worth the 

If roots can be stripped
and told to not feel alive
I have crushed my roots of all energetic pulse
spoken into them 
a hundred lies
to make the dance stop

If your core can be smothered
it would not be from hands
(hateful hands take blame well)
but from false submission
used to bury real thought
In my silence I spoke it out
"You should be punished"

If your life force
can be left out to dry 
clipped by abandonment 
set to fade in a fake expression
my false voice 
can be blamed 
it called me undeserving
and withheld love

but possibility
sets to work
remnants of truth 
in dormancy
manage to force a bloom 
creative power
and the colors of thirst
peek out

even in the hostility I created
love, in a spring of tears
begins to overflow