Ink in the room

it stayed in the room 
like octopuses ink
it wouldn't let either of us 
dismiss it 
avoid it
even as it quickly disguised 
itself with autotomy

your words 
all blackish
foot in mouth 
you are always so careful with words
truth makes fools of us

both of us knew what it revealed
it made us uncomfortable 
stretching over the top

it lingered in the room 
a melanin cloud 
others saw it 
not knowing  
it disoriented 
serving as shield
stinging their eyes
causing them to look away

I've done the same thing
wrapped up conversation 
to stop it from going further
made myself believe what I wanted 
distorted words to sqeeze inside my belief box 
cutting them off to fit properly 

I have made myself comfortable 
at other's expense

and now to see it 
so clearly 
in you

I look up to you