waiting freedom

at day's end
what was abandoned
in struggle 
was tucked in stacks of business cards
clutched tightly
I can't remember how
it wasn't lost

a tangled 
love / freedom
flight / light 
this bird: 
purchased with his cash
and worn  
in regalia 
to encourage the rising

as dark minutes terrorized
wolf archetype
attributing details 
to play slow
in foggy denotation

a necklace
worn backwards 
to not show it's color 
like my hope / green
like my strength / yellow
like my pride / black
always dialing back the brilliance
motif is surely easily fixed
repair shouldn't be costly
but oh how it costs
So I keep it here
waiting to be ready
for conclusion
will this bird 
set to flight? 
or cast off?
either way 
freedom is waiting