Wake Up

wake up, child
look up from your screen life
set your eyes, peripheral  
towards the heaven right here  

until you have fully awakened 
use other senses
rubbing eyes, bleary
grow accustomed 
to new site

do not worry 
splash water on your cheeks, child
colorless, odorless 
vapor serves kingdom, inexaustible
each molecule holds you 
if only you'll see

at first all you'll feel is 
paralysis' painful spasm 
this is just the slap of living life, child
heed mind's trickery
but don't let it lull you 
don't be tempted to numb cognizant pain

revisit it all, child
connect each moment
trust this cohesion
it all is gathered here 
for you
use this moment as teacher 

when the outside evades you 
go deeper inside 
then, from depth, sing out  'awake my soul'
croon with your full power, child 
it's about time your voice is trusted 
now sing!