Why the flour hates the yeast

painful parables 

flood my cell phone today

I think about how 

the flour must hate the yeast


the flour

In it's froth 

being invaded

It can not be helped


In it's inactive state

the yeast waits for nothing, but to be added  

sitting with thoughts

that no one wants to hear


once drawn in 

the yeast overtakes the flour

the entire mixture 



the flour

always felt secure

always knew itself

the flour was grounded

but it never knew what it could be


the flour hates the yeast

even at the point of expansion 

expansion has to be the most painful part


If God is in the process

by which we are changed

by which we become love

by which we become His kingdom



And if the yeast represents it all

I see why the flour hates the yeast

I understand why you are angry 

I understand why he is in the dark

I see why she is filled with hate

And I recognize His kingdom in my cell phone

Even as I throw it across the room