Words and what happens to them

words spill out of me
like I have had them inside 
for a long long long time
saying 'long' one more time seems needed here
not excessive 

when words spill out 
and there is no one there to catch them
do they disappear?
such a good question 
a question that needed to be typed 
and held 

who is there to sit with all these words? 
Is it silence?
Does silence hold answers?
If so, she'll never speak them 
I know silence 
at least in my car 
and there, she is kind of a nag
I don't trust her at all 

so many words
that so clearly don't express it
and for every single word 
there are a thousand left 
still waiting
never said

will they disappear?
or does that nag 
take them with her 
like a scottish folk tale 
stealing babies 
from their beds
replacing them with 
closed mouthed fairies 
pretty to look at