You painted the galaxy

you painted the galaxy, child 
dialing gamma 
I think you have the ability to call it to you
then, you left paint in the sink 
I scrubbed it out and thought about 
universal law 
like the law of what a mother should never have to do

and the moment where I heard you
and you could tell 
like a child-led equation
adults are too logical
= don't explain away my feelings
you never spend time with me
= you aren't present with me

I'm sorry
for not listening 
until I finally did
Thank you for making it so clear
you made it painfully clear, my child
there is no heartbreak like a mother's 

You say you are an expert 
at eavesdropping 
and you assign color to thoughts
color = emotion 
so you know what thoughts to listen to 
and what thoughts to ignore
you practice on strangers 
but sometimes you misread mine
you read that I don't love you 
how can that ever feel true?

I have learned that feelings can deceive even the most intuitive listening
so I have to say it out loud
I have learned that words don't say it all
so I have to sit in it as I speak
I love you
Do you feel loved now? 
I will never leave you