create language around it

what was told to us 

in sky lit prayer room 

table upturned 

seated low like dust as smoke rose

whispered into hearing ears

quiet , soft, low lying revolution


it sat among

held us in between love's force

swaddled and swooned

constraining muscles and tendon 

poking out with humanities fierceness

like some rigid elbow


it was not a secret 

just called to only a few

the inserted wedge that toppled belief

leveraging myself 

from the rest

multiplying force


we can create language around it

name this wedge sexuality

then sit with what that does

to words like sin & identity

deserting their virtue

justifying their divinity


making them holy 

in the way good girl bullshit never could

If I told you I was sinning 

In my heterosexual marriage

could we call it a truce?

you are victim  

in this culture war too 


If I could take it all back 

un-speak gas and soot

hold my breathe to what cost everything

glowing flame of a life 


I would not