What if heaven?

kingdom come.jpeg

What if heaven is a light source?

And we keep saying who's in 

Or out 

But you can't keep out the light 

Even if you try


You can work

Placing blind over windows

You can pull and tuck and cover 

But once light is entering a room 

it only takes the tiniest pin prick 

To begin it's overtake

It's reckless flood


What if heaven is really here and now?

What if it's in us? 

Among us? 

Between us? 

And they keep trying to say 

Heaven arrives boxed on graphs

penciling in rules that were meant to be broken 


What if heaven's definition of marriage 

Was authored in the shared heartbeat?

The hum of current beginning it's exchange? 

What if you can't keep that kind of love under control

What if God has called us good? 


They tried to tell us there was not enough

That we had to fight our way inside

They drew the lines 

Racist, homophobic, sexist lines 

Told us to fight our way to the top 


They told us to plead for His binary marked, gendered, mercy

Ask for grace from our broken ways  


But if the Kingdom of Heaven is like a light source

And you can't keep out the electric flow 

It's time to rub your eyes

Open them wide 

Grab your neighbor by the hand 


It is so much bigger 

So much brighter 

More beauty than they understand 

The minute they drew those lines 

The Kingdom of Heaven went outside

& is beaming at them

Inside you