For the Corrector of Stories

this is for the correctors of stories

the ones who go behind you 

and clean it up 

busy like bees 

making the hive function 

when your story disrupts 

the mechanical hum 


this is for the erasure of words 

the quiet tidier 

behind the scenes 


when you finally get the courage to speak 

they 'help' by notating your words in vanishing ink 


this is for the sushhers

the ones who's look you get when you are out of line 

they can feel the comfort leave the room

and make it all better when the temperatures rise

they maintain the performance of components

set things straight 

when we move or tilt  


this is for the noise-canceler 

the microphone grabber

keeping out what should never be heard 


making sure the official story is louder 

limiting exposure of your barely audible words 


this is for the enforcer of correct narrative 

chewing pencil tips & pointing out flaws

they sense with their programmed logic

anything that is off from stigmatic view 

using force and then gentle correction 

claiming accountability 

though never of power  


this is for the conveyers of disgrace

the ones who say they are praying for you 

the stinky faced nose upturned whisperers


who make your throat clench 

and lower your gaze to the ground


this is for the maintainer of systems 

the ones who equip the function with balancing acts  

when you speak the system's function aloud  

they protect that truth fiercely at any cost

they work to calibrate careful emotions 

using your emotion as the axis 

that spins it all back 


and this is for you 

who has had enough

the one that is starting to spin


the one who thinks you must stay in place 

who's grinding voice, though, is growing from within