So, you are feeling me, you see what I am doing & you want to support me & the work I am called into. 

Here are some very real ways I need support right now. 

Share my work.

Please share on social media, in emails & in person. You never know who will read something and connect with my story. I can not express the desperation some people feel in this part of their lives, you could literally save a life or open a mind by sharing my work. 
I know that for some of you this might be a scary thing, what will people think? Some of you can't even understand why it would be a problem & therefore don't think sharing is relevant.

I get both of those realities, Share anyway. 

Buy my Work. 

I have a shop set up at Society 6 where you can purchase prints of my art. 

Buy a T-shirt & wear it to church. 

You would not believe what a statement this simple act can be. Wearing a t-shirt to church says you affirm and love the LBGTQ community & that you love because he/she first loved you.  It also ends the silence in the room of church, which I can tell you is a powerful thing.

You are wearing it for the one person who thinks they are alone in the room.

Show them THEY ARE NOT. 


Support my work. 

Please consider if this work is something you see as a need. If it is, donate to help me continue my work. 


Freelance Consultation

Do you lead in or know of a church or organization that could use my creative perspective, curation or reconciliation perspective for a project or consultation? 


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